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Foxy Lavender Fields Forever

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The soft comfort of lavender blended with a hint of vanilla brings a soothing dimension to this light roast bean. Floral essences are healing in so many ways. Start your day with a fresh brewed cup of calming, soothing love! This is a great blend for lattes!

The warm summer breeze as it blows across the fields of blossoming lavender sends a wafting air of serenity and sweetness to the senses. The beauty and tranquility of nature doing what she does so seamlessly makes me realize how easy it can be to take in the beauty of what life offers if we can slow down in our hectic day to day movements. My time in nature fills my soul, eases my mind and grounds me to the earth. I feel stability and the rhythm of nature’s cycles. Breathe deeply, absorb the love and beauty all around you and see that it can be a mirror for your deepest self. This light roast kissed with lavender and a blend of vanilla returns us to that quieter, simpler space within each of us. Grab a cup of soothing love and start your day with serenity.

Country of Origin - Brazil
Region - Cerrado, Patos de Minas
Elevation - 1100 MASL
Processed - Naturally