A dual Coffee Roaster & Brewery

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THE FOUNDER - A little About Us 

We are a fun loving family who values the simple things in life. We have 5 amazing kiddos (real life picture of them because lets face it, we rarely ever get a photo of them all looking at the camera). Allen is currently active duty Army and has had a long standing passion for craft beer and specialty food. I (Kyla) have a deep passion for coffee that spans back generations in my family. We prioritize sustainability, eco-conscious purchasing, and community impact.

What is Hallowed Cinque?

Hallowed Cinque is a dual Coffee Roaster & Brewery. We will handcraft our beers in small batches under the close personal attention of our brewmaster. The latest brewing equipment and technologies will be seamlessly combined with traditional brewing methods to ensure consistently excellent taste, whether on tap, packaged in bottles or draft kegs. The goal of the company is to become a mainstay in the town, region, and state. As of now we are the only brewery in the town and most neighboring towns, giving us an edge and little competition for local brews.

About FlockCup

FlockCup, the coffee roaster portion of the business, will roast coffee in an industry leading Bellwether Roaster. As one of 2 coffee shops in Nebraska with a Bellwether machine we can roast coffee with this technology & precision. We are passionate about sustainable coffee farming and milling methods. We will actively share our knowledge with other coffee producers to encourage adoption of environmentally and socially sound coffee production practices. Our goal will be to provide the best of the world’s specialty coffees to our customers. Kyla is creating a unique coffee experience including a self serve coffee bar!

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Hallowed Cinque will be a place where family and friends can gather, have great conversations, and create memories for years to come. There will be kid & family friendly activities and yummy specialty crepes to chow down on!!! In the evenings we will be airing live sports and special PPV events!

Why Auburn? 

We grew up just a few miles from Auburn. We both spent a lot of time here and Allen graduated from Auburn high school. After 13 years of active duty service and traveling the world, we chose to return to the place we call home. After years of constant moves and having to form new friendships where the Army sent us, we wanted more than anything to have our kids experience community in the way we did growing up.

 You see when we were small we got to run bare foot in a town where everyone knew who we were. The fresh air and space to run was ENDLESS! We got to experience the simplicity of nature, the complexity of friendship, and the meaning of community. We understand that small farm towns are the heartbeat of America, but so many times they are forgotten. We hope to be part of the heartbeat of this town and help families make memories for years to come. 

Why the name Hallowed Cinque? 

We have FIVE amazing kids that are our whole world. The name is in honor of the deep love and connection we feel with our children. Hallowed meaning “sacred” and Cinque meaning “5 on a die” mashed together creates …… Sacred Five. Our kids have been our driving force in life and everything we do is to build a better life for them.

What will the money be used for? 

We purchased a historic building that needs some upgrades and adjustments. The plumbing and electrical systems to need to be expanded to support the brewery equipment fully. We will be using the bulk of the money we raise for these purposes. We also will be purchasing larger brewery equipment, licensing & permit fees, expanding coffee distribution, along with a full service bar for coffee and beer. 

Risks and challenges 

We understand that the government licensing timeline stands anywhere between 9-18 months. Getting the legalities in order stands to be one of the biggest challenges. There may also be challenges keeping up with the demand using a small brewing system (but don’t worry, we have plans to upgrade ASAP).

Beginning any business is risky, but we can say with total confidence that Hallowed Cinque will be successful. We already have a powerful online sales presence with our coffee line which expands our potential for growth and earnings. We are excited to support the community locally by opening the shop and are confident in our skills to create a successful legacy.

Hallowed Cinque Needs Your Support! 

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