Brew WHAT?

It’s time to wake up and smell the opportunities!

Do you have a business with an existing audience?

Are you ready to create consistent passive income in your business?Innovating entrepreneurs- this is for you!

Brew Boss is a 6-12 month passive profit partnership, full spectrum expansion solution. This comprehensive container provides both creative direction and distribution for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to expand their brand to include physical products, particularly coffee.When you become a Brew Boss, you can build a primarily passive income stream through custom quarterly subscription boxes that have a positive economic and environmental impact.Brew Boss makes passive income not only possible, but ETHICAL.

What’s in a story, though? How does the story develop authenticity?

 More to the point, how does such a story create that trusting feeling that customers crave?

100% handmade soap bar


The Brew Boss Difference

In the Brew Boss world, you can be sure that you’ll have a high caliber product.

Conventional coffee companies simply don’t have the quality products that you and your clients deserve…

...and discerning consumers are waking up and smelling the issues.

Whether it’s the inferior taste and chemical profile of the robusta beans used in common coffee, the glaring lack of Fair Trade and equity for farmers, or even the dreaded “rat poop coffee”- it’s been a rough few years in the coffee industry.

You can be assured that the vendors we Brew Bosses work with provide the highest quality products. Our beans are cultivated to brew high quality coffee by farmers who are paid well for the lasting progress they make in their communities and environments.

Sustainability is so much more than a label; it’s our business model.

How to Make This a Part of What YOU Brew

There are three different levels in which you can participate.

Option 1

Brew Basics 

This level allows you to create up to three custom coffee flavors to offer your audience.

-A custom coffee flavor of your choice
-Branded promotional template-Branded landing page on the company collective site
-Partner swag-Affiliate earnings on all coffee-Access to The Brew Boss Collective, where you’ll receive creative support on the best way to build your brand and get the essential elements of your site ready to go. Here, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process; you don’t have to do it alone!
-2x90 minute Concept Clarity calls where we outline your brand strategy and product positioning so that you can seamlessly integrate these new assets into your existing ecosystem.


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Option 2 

Brew Boss

This level includes all that is in The Brew Basics, PLUS:

-A branded URL for your landing page

-Design and execution of 10 quarterly subscription boxes

-*2 additional 90-minute 1:1 creative support sessions

-Access to our online course Mapping Your Magic: An Introduction to Messaging, to help you plan your launch

-Branded creative collateral, with 2 revisions:One logo,Two Facebook banners,Brand Board

Remember- you’ll be highly supported with clear step-by-step creative direction, information resources, and branded social templates.

*Because these are customized boxes, this price doesn’t include the pricing for the individual items in your subscription boxes.


Option 3 

That Brew B*tch / Brand Boss 

This level has everything in both the Brew Basics and Brew Boss packages, PLUS:

-Two-hour ecosystem intensive where we evaluate your existing assets and create an overall brand plan

-Salespage copy polishing and support (short form)

-Salespage buildout on your preferred platform*

-Foundational Public Relations Expansion Pack including representation in:Disrupt Influencive Thrive Global Yahoo US Times NowBusiness Insider (release) LA Weekly SF Weekly America Daily PostLA Progressive Celebmix London Daily PostBonus: Google Knowledge Panel

*Platform fees not included

Our limited space pilot program begins January 18th 2022. Spots will be limited, so if you already know this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for...


meet the founder

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